Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As the final episode of the most ridiculous television show ever approaches I am trying to figure out how to feel.
On one hand I know that I will miss the show and that the final episode won't reveal all the secrets and mysteries that make the show what it is. It is on just that same vein that I am happy to see the show end, finally a definitive stopping point, no more "Oh well we will have to see what they reveal next week" It will be up to our own imaginations to fill the gaps.

To call Lost an incredible show would not necessarily be the correct statement. Lost is an experience unlike anything I have ever gotten from visual media. The combination of great writing, amazing sets and the most intricate plot line I have ever encountered, even in a book, make Lost a timeless masterpiece.
I tell people all the time that the show is a really impressive display of modern cinema and that when watched from the start is so immersive you forget that you are watching television, it morphs into something different. If you are confused by what I just said then let me explain it with an example:
I love the show Entourage, and honestly what guy doesn't. A bunch of friends making tons of money, having sex with beautiful women and being a famous moviestar, who wouldn't want that. The thing about Entourage is its that simple, most shows are. If you watch 1 episode you get it, maybe not every line but you understand the show and you probably have a feel for the characters. The first episode of Entourage I saw was some random middle season episode but it didn't matter, and even today I don't have to remember the previous episodes to enjoy the next. These few principles drive most television shows: simple concepts, simple characters, well written dialogue that you can let flow in one ear and out the other. But Lost broke all the rules...
The first episode of Lost I saw was probably the one I hated the most, mainly because I had no fucking idea what was happening. Who are these characters, where are they, what is their motivation and why are they running around on this beautiful island like they have some idea of what is going on. Haha, to this day I still laugh at this fact. The fact is, Lost is a single show broken into a few dozen episodes. You can't just jump in, it would be like coming in halfway through a really intricate movie like The Matrix and expecting to just figure it out, not gonna happen!
Lost challenges you to remember things, because it rarely repeats. It is not a simple show, the concepts range from time travel to extremely complicated character relationships. Which brings up my third point, Lost has well written dialogue, and so do other shows but Lost differs in a huge way, Easter Eggs...
They are everywhere, if you go to Lostpedia you will quickly realize how in depth the analysis of every line, scene and idea can be. I have spent hours talking, writing and trying to understand the show and there are still parts that I can't figure out. On top of that there are details I haven't thought of or haven't even noticed.

So I leave you with one piece of advice, before you die watch Lost, from the beginning. If you get nothing else out of it, at least you'll know what you missed all those years...

Good night all!

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