Monday, June 21, 2010

iOS4 is out...and my abstinence begins!

The new Apple iOS4 (read "new iPhone") software is out! and with it my iPhone is being shut off for 3 days...

This is something that has only happened once in the past 3 years, I will not be using an iPhone for several days. Instead I will be taking a crappy, Nokia, candybar phone to work, play and anywhere else I decide to transport my body.
The reasons? Simple, elevated joy will be mine come Thursday...

I will be diligently waiting in line come Wednesday night in anticipation of the new iPhone4, but I want it to be better than that. Yesterday I realized that I would be able to download and use the new 4.o software before iPhone4 even comes out, and given that I have a 3GS I would be able to use almost all the new features. It made me feel weird; I would be using the new software with my old phone so when I actually get the new phone the software will feel "old". So my solution was to not only deprive myself of the new software, but to deprive myself of the very thing that I am anticipating most this week, the iPhone.

So make sure to follow my liveblog during the launch because I'm sure it will be filled with rants about how much I miss my phone and how happy I am to be getting a truly new Phone, from nuts to software.

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