Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well that was AWESOME!

The line for a new Apple product never fails to be memorable. The combination of new friends and giddy excitement wraps everyone into a surreal world. You can forget your job, your kids, your wife and just enjoy the free floating nature and good will of all the people in line. I was outside the Apple store for more than 14 hours and I loved every minute of it!
There are pictures on facebook and I am going to upload new videos taken with the phone later today.

Without going into too much detail I will say this. The phone is incredible. The first thing that stands out is the quality of the display, I have never seen anything so crisp in my life. I also tried video chat with my friend Adam who also waited with me in line and I was impressed by the quality of the video and sound on the call. I was even more impressed however with the ease of FaceTime, simply make a phone call and press a button.
I have no doubt that this phone will change things for people, the new OS (iOS4) is fast and powerful, bringing multitasking and folders. The new hardware is beastly, integrated antennas, glass enclosure and the retina display. This really is going to be a run away success for Apple and I look forward to have FaceTime chats with many more people :)

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