Monday, July 26, 2010

Department of Energy Seeding the Future with "Hubs"

The United States Department of Energy has just announced a new program that they hope will allow for the development of technology and a framework for future energy infrastructure. I am particularly excited about this because they have set up 3 hubs that will be regulated until developed and then opened to the private sector to be filled out. Its very similar to building a city, come up with design goals, lay down the pipes, roads and simple rules and then let the innovators come in and fill the space. In reality they entire project is derived from the Manhattan project, lets just hope this one doesn't end in the deaths of thousands of humans.

The three hubs are:
How can we derive fuels directly from sunlight in an efficient and economical way?

How can we design, construct and retrofit commercial and residential buildings that are vastly more energy efficient than today's buildings?

How can we use modeling and simulation technologies to make significant leaps forward in nuclear reactor design and engineering?

Currently there is over $175 million in funding that is attainable but of course you have to be a big player to get in on this now (i.e. Bell Labs, a major university, etc). But for all you young entrepreneurs out there, keep an eye out and your ears peeled because this will be a very fertile playground in a few years.

Check out the link for the full press release and more info about the hubs.

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